Police Accident Report form

The official Accident Report (AR) Form will be completed for all accidents which occur on a public road and where a vehicle was involved, i.e all roads where the ...
A driver of a vehicle which has been involved in a road accident must report the accident within 24 Hours of its occurrence to any metropolitan, municipal or city police department, traffic department in South Africa or police station of the South African Police Service(SAPS). This must be done in terms of the National Road Traffic Act, Act 93 of 1996. This is only applicable if a police / traffic officer did not attend the accident due to the apparent minor nature thereof. However, the hours of operation of these departments/ offices must be taken into consideration.

Save yourself time at the police station. Download a pro-forma of the police accident form here. Use this form as a checklist to ensure you are able to provide the police with the correct information at the station.

Tip: The police are required to fill this form in at the station themselves. However if you produce a well written and legible form, it can be copied by the duty officer quickly - saving you the time required to provide the information and relay the detail